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Festival Artistika

Festival  Artistika is a big event with Music, Performances and Acrobatics that takes place  in San Gimignano at the half of August. Since 2015 the Rocca di Montestaffoli, on the top of the Medievil Village, becames  the teathre of a a magic, surreal world. 


World Music Festival

The World Music Festival is located in the beautiful Rocca di Montestaffoli, in San Gimignano from June to September, 1 or 2 times per month. Indian music, African Rythms, Arabian atmospheres or contemporary world-fusion projects, will fill with magic the garden of the Rocca.

Art & Instruments Exhibition - Sala Cancelleria

Sala della Cancelleria is a huge, beautiful room in the main street of San Gimignano, Via San Matteo. This room is given by the municipality to local associations for cultural activities, exhibitions, concerts ecc. Here you can  watch a temporary exhibition of artists (painters, sculptors ecc), a huge collection of instruments from the World,  played and explained by musicians and researchers.



Theatral Walking

In collaboration with Association "Peralandra Teatro", a 25 years company based in Florence, we organize Theatre events in the Theatre of San Gimignano, historical walkings with theatral pieces and contemporary  performances. Both in Italian or in English, the pieces are conducted by professional actors and with original texts.

Street Artists of San Gimignano

La Via dell'Arte takes care about buskers coming to San Gimignano or living here as resident painters or musicians; in fact, many members of the association are licensed street artists that do this as their main work. We select and promote them, we  print an info/map and we help them  to perform at our events.

Room Concerts

Room Concerts are a beautiful, meditative experience located in a nice room next to Piazza Cisterna, the main square of San Gimignano. You can relax on comfortable pillows and sofas, inspired by music from ancient instruments and live electronics. Sometimes you will  find also Swing, Jazz or Gypsy/Klezmer combos for a more lively experience.

Eventi per soli Soci

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